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General Information

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Is property-level asset management one of your primary responsibilities? Yes No
What percentage of your time is spent on asset management responsibilities?
Does your employer own hotels? If yes, how many assets? Yes No
Does your employer own hotels? If yes, how many keys? Yes No
Do you provide third-party asset management services to hotel owners? Yes No
Do you review and approve each of your hotels’ annual budgets and capital plans? Yes No
Do you have fiduciary responsibility and decision-making authority? Yes No
How many times per year, on average, do you visit each hotel in your portfolio?

Hospitality Industry Experience

Total years in hospitality industry
This list should not reflect all of the hotels owned by/asset managed by your company; it is specific to your responsibilities
Hotel Name City Rooms Owner Operator Avg Times visit/year
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Please indicate which of the following areas of the hospitality industry you have worked in, and the respective lengths:
Asset Management: years Real Estate Consulting / Appraisal: years
Restaurant/Foodservice Operations: years Hospitality Consulting/Appraisal: years
Hospitality Operations: years Investment/Mortgage Banking: years
Hospitality Brokerage: years Commercial Real Estate Brokerage: years
Franchise Development/Sales: years Commercial Mortgage Lending: years
Commercial Real Estate Management: years Other: years
Hospitality Development: years

Membership Requirements

  1. A member who fills the fundamental criteria of a practicing hotel asset manager may be self-employed or employed by any company with ownership interest in hotel real estate, including those companies involved in hotel management, hotel franchising, or operating a hotel brand.
  2. A member must be primarily involved in hotel lodging asset management activity.
  3. A member must have authority and independence to make decisions in the best interest of the ownership of the asset.
  4. The number of members from one company is limited to 25% of total HAMA MEA members.
  5. A member must attend one meeting a year .
  6. HAMA MEA board of directors reserves the right for membership and admittance in accordance with the HAMA MEA by-laws. Certain exceptions are made for members of academia.
  7. A member must have a minimum of two years of experience in the practice of asset management as outlined above.

Candidate Certification

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Checklist of Membership Requirements

Property-specific hotel asset management has been my primary job responsibility for at least two years Yes No
I have attended an HAMA MEA meeting as a guest. Yes No
Date HAMA MEA meeting: Location of HAMA MEA meeting:
I am sponsored for membership by a HAMA MEA member in good standing. Yes No
Sponsors name: Reference Letter
Current business card: Yes No
AED 1,650 annual fee consent: Yes No
(NOTE: Waived for 2021 - instead please include a reference letter from any superiors)
The letter of recommendation should include at a minimum:
  1. How well they know you and in what capacity, and
  2. Whether they believe you would contribute to the objectives of HAMA MEA with your Asset Management experience

Other Application Requirements

  1. Please note that following review of your application and approval of membership by the HAMA MEA board, you will be provided with an invoice with relevant bank details in order to process the application fee via bank transfer. Payment should be processed within 10 days of receipt of such invoice in net United Arab Emirates dirham and applicants are kindly requested to ensure currency exchange prior to transfer. Payment confirmation will be required by email in order to track receipt and AM book delivered at next meeting.
  2. Within four weeks of submitting your application and attending a meeting as a candidate, you will receive notification of the status of your application.
  3. Annual dues shall be determined by the board of directors. Upon the acceptance of your membership, HAMA MEA will invoice you for your annual membership dues and annually thereafter to be paid within 10 days of the statement in order to continue your membership status and receive benefits
Candidates submitting the application to join the Hospitality Asset Manager’s Association MEA (HAMA) hereby acknowledge that they remain under any and all applicable confidentiality terms as indicated in their respective employment contracts. HAMA MEA is not a data distribution, file sharing, or otherwise medium for the communication of proprietary and/or confidential information, and does not condone or encourage the practice thereof.
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