• Complete the Application for Candidacy.

  • Be sure to indicate your preference of exam medium.

  • Complete the Asset Management Employment History (or attach a professional resume) and complete the Certification of Lead Asset Management Experience.

  • Attach two (2) letters of recommendation to the application. The letters are to address that you are a qualified candidate to sit for the CHAM exam. Letters are to be written by current or former supervisors and current or former clients/partners.

  • Electronically sign and date the Application.

  • Email application with all attachments to the following address: certification@hamagroup.org, with a copy to certification@www.hamamea.org.

  • Upon submission of your application, the CHAM Administrator will e-mail wiring instructions for payment. Wiring payment will be subject to any additional bank fees applied at the time of payment and will be advised by the CHAM Administrator. On-line applications may be alternatively paid through mailing of check or money order (will not delay processing if check or money order is received within 7 days of application) to the address provided in the CHAM Application Checklist. Funds must be drawn from U.S. Banks. Unfortunately, we are not able to accept payment by credit card or debit cards at this time. All paperwork, including the Application for Candidacy, experience certificates, recommendation letters and payment information must be received by the Application Committee no later than 60 days prior to your desired exam date. The appropriate application fee must be paid at the time of application. Upon receipt of all the above information, the certification administrator will advise you in no less than four weeks whether your candidacy has been approved and that you are eligible to sit for the exam. If you have questions, you may contact the certification administrator at (781) 544-7330, or by e-mail at certification@hamagroup.org

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