In connection with the Certified Hotel Asset Manager Advisory Panel and the Application Committee (collectively, the “Panel”) considering this application, I agree that:

A. All of the information provided on this application and in any supporting documents is accurate, true, and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief. If I made or at any time make any statement with knowledge of its falsity, I understand that it shall be cause for denial of CHAM candidacy or rescission of CHAM certification. I further acknowledge and agree to abide by and with the policies and procedures promulgated and/or modified by from to time by the Panel, including the CHAM Code of Professional Ethics, and submit to the jurisdiction of the CHAM Ethics and Discipline Committee (the “Ethics Committee”) in the event that allegations of unethical or improper conduct arise during the pendency of this application

B. I agree to inform and release to the Panel and its designated agents all pertinent information about my qualifications or about other matters that may arise in connection with my application and/or my subsequent certification or recertification by the Panel. I understand that the Panel may release any information I have submitted in connection with my application when I have consented to such release or in order that the Panel may comply with applicable legal, judicial, or administrative requests.

C. I shall conduct my asset management activities in accordance with the CHAM Code of Professional Ethics as it is now or as it may be amended from time to time subsequent to this application and the decisions of the Panel and any affiliated committee affecting my certification.

D. I agree that the Panel and/or the Ethics Committee may censure, suspend, expel, or otherwise terminate this candidacy or subsequent CHAM designation, if granted, in accordance with CHAM policies, item A and item C above, and that the Panel, its officers, members, employees, and agents may disclose its actions, in full or part, to CHAM designees and the general public. E. I understand that my application is subject to a random audit. If my application is audited, I may be required to provide additional information to prove my eligibility. I also understand that, if the information and documentation I provide are not sufficient as determined by the Panel and/or it is not provided by the deadline specified by the Panel, I may not be permitted to take the examination at the requested date.

F. I, for and on behalf of myself, and my heirs, assigns, administrators and each of them waives and forever releases all claims and demands, or causes of action and each of them, that I or they may have now or may in the future have against the Panel, its members, its officers, councilors, employees, or others who may supply information or material to the Panel, and each of them, for any act or omission of the Panel, its members, its officers, councilors, employees, or any others and each of them including but not in any way limited to its or their acts or omissions in granting candidacy or CHAM designation, failing to grant candidacy or CHAM designation, or in censuring, suspending, expelling, or terminating such a candidacy or CHAM designation.